• Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13)

  • Divorces (Contested and Uncontested)

  • Wills and Trust



  • We offer legal assistances as well as traditional attorney representation.

  • Hands on personal service

William Radcliffe became an attorney at age 23. At the time he was the youngest attorney in California. He has been an attorney for 32 years.

William worked initially with his father John Radcliffe, a well-known personal jury attorney in Covina. On the other hand, Bonnie was working for an attorney in Ontario as a legal secretary. In 1986, Bill and Bonnie married. Bill continued to work with his father and Bonnie opened “Bonnie’s Paralegal”, processing uncontested divorces and became very successful with her business. William left his father’s firm to start his own , having Bonnie work as his paralegal. Bonnie’s business served as a client base for the business. This firm was one of the very first law firms that offered traditional attorney representation as well as assisting people in representing themselves.

In the early 1990’s, the business started to handle bankruptcies as well as adding wills and trust a few years later. On the family law portion of the business, mediation and limited scope appearances are available. They are very conscious of how expensive divorces can be and do everything possible to keep expenses from getting out of hand.